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the rushing river and parts of the napa river this will continue along the street as well as old boeheimian highway will explain some minor flooding as well, but for the rest of us u-we are waking up colder and i will break this down for you, talk about your dry day coming up, good morning, tara. >>> we have not too much to report and that's the good news your christmas eve. a look at 101 shows traffic is flowing very nicely and along the east shore freeway, you can see traffic looks great in both directions. 4:29 let's head back to the desk. >>> we begin with the peninsular, a creek overflowed into a neighborhood forking people to leave their -- forcing people to leave their homes. we will have an update on that situation in just a moment. >>> a flood warning for the napa river has beens canceled. the water started to level off this morning. many roads were closed yesterday and in forestville, it knocked a free he on to a house -- a tree on to a house and opened a large sinkhole. >> this causes a lot of havoc. >> utility crews say it could take a few days to fix all of the problems created
for the napa river and for the city of napa on the napa river. the flood levels will crest and recede by midnight. a flash flood warning for pescadaro creek and the town. here is why. the doplar is showing a line of showers and thundershowers moving through the central bay area right now. even if if it lightens up in the north bay. that is why they issued flash flood warnings until 7:00. the rain totals more than 2 inches in santa rosa. you see the bulk of the showers are moving south and east of the bay area. plenty focused around the drainage off towards the pacific that is why the creek is torn. heavy rain is moving to the south and we will have the entire forecast dried up in san francisco and over in oakland. the storm is causing problems all over the bay area. >> reporter: brian, you know, it is the sunday before the christmas holiday. that mean ace lot of people are out this doing last-minute shopping and going to holiday parties. but, the weather has not made it easy for drivers out this on the road. they are looking at the conditions from earlier. the standing water is hurti
rising. you can see some of the okay owes over the santa cruz mountains. warns for napa. meantime, the russian river is under a flood watch but it is not expected to exceed flood stage. you can can stand by for the forecast on all of the rivers in just 10 minutes. the stormy weather is complicating driving on bay area roadways tonight. stony point road is closed after a massive sink hole opened up this afternoon. the sinkhole is 10 feet deep. south of highway 116. road crews are taking all of the precautions necessary to prevent accidents but they say sinkholes are not uncommon during stormy weather. >> we are taking safety precautions to make sure that a car does not fall through and fall into the hole. >> the crews say the road could be closed up to three days while they patch up the hole. >>> also, in sanoma county, a house on cozy court was hit hard when a fur tree came crashing down of the the tree splintered into pieces and knocked out power in the area. no word on injuries, though. wepds gusting to 60 miles an hour -- winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. winds knocking down t
visibility in livermore, fog in the east bay valleys, 3/4 mile thickest santa rosa where coldest, 37 napa, 38, 40 concord now, 48 fremont, san francisco 49, peninsula in the mid 40s down to san jose 44°. let's talk about today. partly cloudy, a little breezy at the coast, upper 40s to low 50s, the rest of us brief break from the rain mid 50s today, rain comes back tomorrow that quickly. >> keeping an eye on your christmas eve morning commute across the board light out there, let's get you starred with this live look at 80 in berkeley, more cars on the road now than we've seen throughout the morning, certainly no stopping, no traffic, moving on to the golden gate bridge, thisly picture water droplets on the camera all morning, not raining per se out there and there are so few cars on the road as long as everyone takes their time and moves along, [ inaudible ] >>> this morning, good news and worrisome news along the creek that divides palo alto and east palo alto. good news is the water level has dropped significantly from yesterday's peak this is a live look at the creek from the palo alto si
for napa river at napa for the second time this season. the latest it does not look as if if it will hit flood stage. the rains headed south and east of the bay area allows the watersheds time to drain. not fast enough, though, for some roads. niles canyon road closed because of a rock slide. the traffic was detoured to the 680 but we are just getting word the road could open any minute. state road 84 is closed in both directions because of a tree blocking all lanes. and in the santa cruz mountains, highway 17 was closed causing back ups it has been reopened. the state route 1 it is closed near valley ford because of flooding. another road closure. the mana rammic highway, above down town mill valley was completely blocked by a large tree. it took crews extra time to get up the narrow road. even longer to start clearing it. >> well, i am upset. i want to get home. [ laughter ] so, you know, i am -- it is not their fault. obviously this is a tree in the road. the difference is why isn't somebody cutting it? that is the difference. why isn't somebody cutting the tree down so we can get hom
't the north bay the napa river a is at near flood stage. the water also opened up a sink hole. debora villalon continues our coverage in napa. >> reporter: you can see in napa the water is running high but well within its banks. good considering how the water battled the north bay. in the battle between cars and rain, the rain sometimes wins. further west where many roads were shut down some folks folks forged their way against warnings. steel plates were sealed on to stoney point road. but this was just one temporary patch on one trouble spot. >> we have a little break in the storm, and we can watch up, get our heads above the water and get a break and fix some of the problems that we do have out there. >> reporter: rain pummeling the landscape faster than it can drain away has pounded this petaluma neighborhood before. >> when the sun comes out, the water will wash away. >> reporter: were you worried at all? >> a little bit. just a little bit. >> reporter: in forestville, high winds brought a tree down on a to a house. an all day clean up but fortunately no one was injured. today carolers sa
as we go towards the napa river helena. current river levels at 16 ft. and flood stage is 16 ft.. we are just above flood stage is currently right now at 16.2. the highest predicted is at 17.2 at 9:00 p.m. and also napa is expected to also flawed on the napa river. these numbers are 22.3, it is also expected to -- blood. cresting at 10:00 p.m. right above flood stage but it might not expected to--flood --. >> redwood city, has reported nearly 3 in. and 5 in. neare the san mateo bridge it is finally starting to stop. we could see some residual showers to the south bay and to the east bay but partly cloudy, overnight. partly cloudy, but mostly sunny as the go for the afternoon. cooler temperatures and as we come up with more continuing >> oakland side of the bay bridge. that's where we find kron 4's reggie kumar. reggie. there were strong wind advisories earlier today. are the winds dying down? >> reporter: they have, enough of vicki. the chp says that the wind advisory for the bay bridge behind me has been lifted. the rain has stopped for no but the storm packed a powerful punch. the
the napa river, flood stage, 16 feet. it will go over about a foot over flood stage tonight, tomorrow morning, same holds true for the napa river. over flood stage for a temporary amount of time and then recede quickly tomorrow. we'll check out the rainfall totals and the forecast coming up. >> ama: a warning in the south bay. the creek is about to overflow its banks. we're live in men menlo park. >> this is the bridge and crews just arrive. they brought sandbags and are placing them here along the street. they've also blocked off this entire area. they're trying to keep the curious public away from the rising waters of the creek. where we are, the creek divides palo alto and menlo park, and the last time it overran its banks was back in 1998, and they think it's going to flood again tonight. within the past hour or so men lo park firefighters have been driving through neighborhoods, warning residents about the rising creek. the san mateo county security alert system is calling people. there are homes that run along -- right along the creek, and those residents are feeling a
there and a sinkhole that opened up earlier today. >> reporter: that is right, sewn ♪ [ music ] marin, napa all counties battered hard by the wind and the rain. and we're looking at one of the after-effects a sinkhole that closed a road here. road crews spent several hours getting stoney point road patched, where it intersected madron road. they just don't trust stoney point from collapsing completely. already the 4' culvert under the roll has failed on both sides and water has erode the soil around and under, it creating the sinkhole about 10' deep. the culvert was already failing due to age and the heavy run- off just finished it off. >> with the last three days, you know, this much rain short amount of time, it just causes a lot of havoc. we have a lot of roads closed right now due to flooding and it's just too much water in a short amount of time. >> reporter: and this is stoney point road, just south of here, in petaluma, there has been a flash flood warning in effect for most of the day and for good reason. you can see the streets and fields are overwhelmed. this mobile-home park had a f
closures and now concerns that a levy could break. and flood warnings on the napa river and a major intersection closed. good evening. thank you so much for joining us. i'm ama dates. we have live team coverage of our storm wach. lilian kim is on the peninsula where a creek over ran its banks. and there was lots of flooding in the north bay where cornell bernard is. we start with leigh glaser. leigh? >> what a difference about six, eight hours makes. live doppler 7hd, very active earlier this morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. as the cold front moved through. now you could barely even tell we had any rain at all. we are looking live now, folks, and you can see the receive rain has pushed on to the south and east of the bay area. still getting a few little sprinkles here and there between morgan hill and hollister. mainly at the higher elevations, but most of the rain, or actually all of the rain has moved out of the area. we did have quite a bit of rainfall. we still have a couple of river watches. these are river watches in affect until tomorrow morning. the river right now is at 27 fe
there in the meantime, the creek continues to go down. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> the napa river has crested below flood stage and is receding this morning after a flood warning was issued yesterday. that prompted the closure of the downtown riverfront promenade as a precaution. locals were confident the river would not flood and they were right. today it is predicted to crest again at 16 1/2 feet, 16 inches below flood stage. >>> in santa cruz county the water rose so fast, 40 families of felton grove had to leave their homes the san lorenzo river reached four feet over flood stage yesterday, a tree fell on power lines knocking out electricity to nearby communities. getting in and out was a challenge after heavy rains forced closure of southbound highway 9. >>> in the north bay they are still dealing with aftermath of flooding and high winds. giant fir tree split the roof of a house in forestville yesterday. power lines were damaged, nobody was hurt. lucky no one was inside the club pleasanton when a big redwood crashed through the roof, crews cut branches and cleared out debris. >>> portion of s
from yesterday have subsided. all streams and creeks are within their banks again. the napa river has peaked and is beginning to recede. the current level is 9.4 feet, while flood stage is at 16 feet so we're much below that. the flood warning for the napa river has been cancelled. >> it is in the 30's, for some areas and other areas getting last-minute christmas shopping done. temperatures will be in the fifties under mainly sunny skies. here is a look at the visibility with locally dense fog. not that evident in the north bay. with less than one-half mile, napa. santa rosa, novato drive with extra caution towards the golden gate bridge. and the cloud coverage could increase. that is with a storm headed our way the futurecast, by 9:00 a.m., some light rain tomorrow. as we go towards tomorrow, christmas, some light rain for the delta. still, through mountain view, san jose. heavier through the golden gate but that front is going to press through with christmas evening. a lot of people will be enjoying their holiday. however, not much moisture but we could not see that intense rainfall
tomorrow morning below flood stage at 30 feet. the napa river in napa 23 feet right now. you can see the flood stage is 25 feet. it crested earlier today at 26 feet. it is just a foot above flood stage. it is now receding. i think the flood watch for that part of the napa river will be lifted in the next couple hours. how much rainfall? we take a look at that coming up. >> thank you. >>> hundreds of people living on the peninsula abandoned their homes after the creek started flooding the area. the new concern tonight is whether the levies will hold. lilian kim is live in palo alto with the latest. lilian? >> reporter: ama, the waters have receiptedded a bit, but it is still flowing and the levies have started to weaken. they detected three boils in levies close to homes. the creek first over ran its banks near woodland and university avenues, right in front of the 4 seasons hotel in palo alto. many took a risk and drove through the intersection before police shut it down. water from the rising creek hit 101 next. this is what it looked like on the northbound lanes just before the uni
stages. the rest of us are dry and cool, 42 in concord, low 40s in fairfield, 37 in napa, 37 in santa rosa. partly cloudy cool afternoon, 55 in oakland for the second half, 54 for you san mateo, low- to-mid 50s for the inland east bay and low-to-mid 50s for the west bay. a shower chance will continue wednesday morning and then we are drying out and we are dry through the weekend. i will show you a detailed timeline of that rain coming up. >>> all right, rosemary, not a good game yesterday. it is falling, postseason after a big loss to seattle. >>> police clashed with protesters in india, the reason the crowd of angry demonstrators grew by the thousands, we will have more on that. >>> plus new tools in muni, stay tuned for more, we will explain. . >>> new this morning, police are looking for the person responsible for shooting two firefighters. police say one firefighter is in satisfactory condition and you can see how big that fire was. the other victims' condition is not known and the fire is still burning and has spread to a second homement we will have the latest developments -- on
. for the second time this year, they have taken the napa area for flood stage. it peaked four hours ago there, but the rivers are still rising a bit in the city of napa, so some flood warnings are still in effect there. more good news. just light rain around the bay area. the heavier rains have moved south to the range east of gilroy some falling around coyote lake, but that's about it. showers will end, we dry out tomorrow. that's what we expect next. so we get a break. we get sun tomorrow. then on chris may, it looks as if -- christmas it looks as if we're going to get more rain, but not too much by any means. tomorrow a little bit of the sunshine. several more major roads impacted tonight by the storm. and the niles canyon road between the road, they closed because of the rock slide. traffic is being detoured at 680. people are advised to avoid the area. now, state road 84 is closed in both directions because of a tree blocking all lanes. and in the santa cruz mountains of highway 17, they were closed for more than two hours, leading up to the mammoth backups, which have been reopened. and
and creeks are within their banks a gang. if the napa river has peaked and is beginning to recede. the current level is 9.4 ft., while flood stage is at 16 ft. so we are much below that. the flood warning for the napa river has been cancelled. >> we do have locally dense fog for portions of the north bay. we have said improvements for novato. it is clear conditions for the heart of the bay area. the visibility is down for those a you driving in the livermore area. we will see an increase in cloud cover to rob the day. this will arrive on christmas day the next storm. as you look out the window you will see that there are rain drops in santa rosa. it will continue to spread its way south. it will stretch all the way down to san francisco. it will remain dry for the south bay but rain will pick up in intensity as we head into 4:00 p.m. on christmas day. >> the bottom half of the bay area should remain dry. the heaviest showers will not pass through to a letter on the day. your christmas forecast shows that the north bay will have rain in the morning and their morning lows will be in
to drop quickly. napa where we had flooding peaked last night the napa river and will recede over the next couple of days even with the rain coming at us tomorrow. 46 santa rosa, 47 san rafael. right now low to mid 50s from the monterey bay and inland. today partly cloudy and just one. it is going to be wet and breezy christmas day mainly dry thursday through sunday. still a chance of a shower thursday and sunday for sure friday and saturday dry. over the last 10 hours front moved south, high pressure moves in now and our next system looking impressive, bulk is going to head north, we'll get the tail end but still wet and breezy, tuesday mainly into the afternoon. today mostly sunny to partly cloudy, increasing high clouds late more high clouds overnight not as cool tomorrow morning with high clouds maybe a few sprinkles when you wake up tomorrow morning. steadier rain is going to start moving into the north bay between 10 and more like lay noon with the more moderate rain you can see moving in at 2:00, heading into the bay around 3:00, 4:00, down into the south bay about 5 to 6:00, then w
's why it is yellow looks like it is going to drop quickly. napa where we had flooding peaked last night the napa river and will recede over the next couple of days even with the rain coming at us tomorrow. 46 santa rosa, 47 san rafael. right now low to mid 50s from the monterey bay and inland. today partly cloudy and just one. it is going to be wet and breezy christmas day mainly dry thursday through sunday. still a chance of a shower thursday and sunday for sure friday and saturday dry. over the last 10 hours front moved south, high pressure moves in now and our next system looking impressive, bulk is going to head north, we'll get the tail end but still wet and breezy, tuesday mainly into the afternoon. today mostly sunny to partly cloudy, increasing high clouds late more high clouds overnight not as cool tomorrow morning with high clouds maybe a few sprinkles when you wake up tomorrow morning. steadier rain is going to start moving into the north bay between 10 and more like lay noon with the more moderate rain you can see moving in at 2:00, heading into the bay around 3:00, 4:00, do
feet below flood stage. napa river flood stage is 16 feet and a little up 16.8 feet. then will quicklyarly tomorrow recede well below the flood stage. minor fluctuations, napa river, it's 25 feet and sitting at 23 feet expected to crest at 26 feet. already everything is starting to come down as the rain has started to let up. clearing tonight, temperatures will be cooler, already 46 in santa rosa. 52 in san rafael. 51 in san francisco. san jose, 53 degrees. here is a look at the forecast and clearing and cooler overnight. a dry day for christmas eve and more rain christmas day. this is actual frontal system that brought us heavy rain and you can see it pushed its way across the bay area. this is how it was this morning at 7:00 a.m. by 3:00 that is when the severe weather broke out to the peninsula as well as down towards santa cruz and now all of this has moved on to the east. here is a look at timing. we'll look at clearing, you can see 5:00 a.m., clearing and then as we head into christmas day by 7:00, start to see the next system started to advance. this is christ
. a flood warning for the napa river has been canceled. the river did rise more than a foot above flood stage last night. the water started to level off. many rural records were closed. in forestville, rain and high winds knocked a tree into a house and in cau taty, the -- ke ta ta, the -- ketate opened up a sinkhole. >> hopefully we have a break in the sinkhole and catch up and get our heads above the water and get a break and fix some of the problems that we do have out there. >> crews say it could take a few days to fix the problems caused by the storm. >>> the storm has knocked out power to tens of thousands of people in the bay area. pg&e is reporting more than a thousand homes and businesses are without power in the north bay. 18 in the south bay and 288 in the east bay. >>> well, there there is a strict new alcohol policy taking effect in camp pendleton in the new year. >>> and some in congress fear they may actually go over the fiscal cliff. where both sides are right now. ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a bet
and napa will have a cool day and we will have sunshine and it feels pretty good out there and a nice winter's quiet day. rain is lasting from tuesday into wednesday. partly cloudy and mostly cloudy on saturday. afternoon highs in the mid-50s. i will have a timeline of tomorrow's rain coming up. >>> well, we are counting down the final hours until christmas day. we will be in good company if you are headed off to the mall today. >>> he didn't die on the front lines, what officials are saying about their investigation. >>> here is a look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is looking good in both directions and we will tell you about the incident coming up in traffic. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six mon
partly cloudy skies. napa river currently just above flood stage and still going up until 8:00 this morning forecasting to crest at 17.2 feet. napa river napa will continuing to up as well. that's the latest information from the river forecast center. russian river at hillsburg, not even approaching flood stage but guerneville just approaching flood stage. about a foot below flood stage. we'll continue to keep eye on the warnings and watches. we will have more updates throughout the evening hours and the complete forecast wrap on the 10:00 news tonight. >> he said he will call me back with an tax i.d. number and an attorney will call me. no one has. what's the name of this? for dee, when she saw us coming, she grabbed the money lock box and suckers. >> you are the boss and not me. >> reporter: are you talking to willie? >> loaded them into her car, a bmw and sped away. hitting a shotting cart as she -- shopping cart. >> this story came to us by one of you, a viewer and we want to hear more from you. if you have an idea please e- mail us. california have just voted themselve
between 116 and 37, flooding there between petaluma and napa. keep that in mind. you may have to look for alternates we'll tell you more about that coming up. >>> lingering storm is making getting hope for christmas a challenge across part of the nation now meteorologists are worried about the nightmare after christmas. >>> if you are one of the 17 million who will hit the malls today, good news, there are special deals and tended hours. i'm kira klapper, i'll have that after the break -- >>> gaggle may challenge apple and samsung, the tech giant is working -- with motorola on its own smartphone after the phone motorola will start working on a google tablet. samsung still leads by a wide par engine in europe. two places where you can track santa's trip tonight one is the website of norad, and the other site is google. >> google has their santatrackersite where you can track santa and play games. >> google also asks you to send santa a >>> a very good morning and merry christmas eve to everyone coming up on 4:42 you are looking live at san francisco from the embarcadero alm
situations on the nap a river, right now at 15 feet, and the napa river, 19 feet. so minor fluctuations on bay area rivers. how long this will stay with us? we'll take a look at the forecast. >> a wind advisory was in effect for the bay bridge, the carquinez bridge. if you didn't think the storm had a kick, take a look. this is our camera on mt. tamalpais in mill valley, pounded by rain and serious wind gusts. this storm drenched parts of the north bay. the national weather service issued a floor nod -- flashflood warning. and stoney point road is closed. sergio quintana is live at the scene. reporter: leigh mentioned the problem of the flash-flood warnings, and the other problem is the runoff. that's what happened here, this drainage culvert was overwhelmed, and the water just basically dug up the earth under the cult vert and created this sink hole. you can see the crews just managed to install these steel plates to allow cars to drive over the road. the rushing water is causing plenty of problems for road crews. the big worry here on stoney point road is more of the pavement could co
, it will be that way another 36 hours. fog thickest napa, santa rosa,. tomorrow afternoon rain [ cheers and applause ] ♪ like the mistletoe >>> a festive holiday crowd here this times square, albeit a chilly one as well. we bid you all a good morning, america. george and robin enjoying the family today on this holiday. great to have amy robach and paula faris with us. >> thank you so much. >>> and this morning, the wheel of misfortune, losing out on thousands of dollars for how she pronounced one word. fair or unfair? i know what we all think here. wait until you hear it. it's fairly outrageous for those of us who have lived down south for a bit. >> unfair. >> unfair. >> you do. absolutely. >>> this is not unfair at all. this is going to help a lot of us. let's face it. we're down to the wire, people. it is -- everyone here is in trouble except me, which, i know, sam, doesn't surprise you. i'm wrapped and ready. >> you're wrapped and color-coded. >> you're wrapped? everything? >> who spends their fourth of july holiday wrapping christmas gifts? >> i have been known to buy in summer sales. >> when
, a light -- fso, oakville reporting 8 miles per hour and 52 in napa 53 in hayward and 53 in san jose and this is a nice turnaround because we were off to a very chilly start. when will the clouds come? it happens after sunset which is right after 5:00 these days. by 9:00, we will have a holiday party to get to and you will notice high clouds are beginning to shift overhead. we are waking up with cloudy skies and by 2:00 steady rain over the north bay. down at the south bay 4:00 and 5:00 and scattered showers in the forecast and wednesday looks like we could -- wednesday looks like we could have showers. 53 in san francisco and into the south bay mid-50s. 56 in gilroy and the extended ford cast, not -- forecast not a bad day. again changes are on the way, christmas day rain returns, a few scattered showers wednesday morning, drying out wednesday night. cool mornings, cool afternoons but mainly dry. >> we need the rain, we are wel average. we could use the break. >>> lefties is holding its annual toy drive. this is video from today's toy collections. firefighters will deliver the to
and truly understood milton and became his rock. i will never forget the wedding in napa and abbey on the stage and raid yent in the dress and serenaded milton with "our love is here to stay". after the boys arrived i remember visiting their house and crawling around with them on their floor. i never seen milton so happy. i will always remember milton's wicked laugh and sense of humor and his bed rock decency and what made him unique though was his sense of connectedness and his concern for family and friends and everyone he met. even when he was sick this last year and sick with his tumor he looked past those concerns to the people he loved. at the 30th are -- are you union where i joined him and talked with a classmate about health and said he was going to do everything he could to get better because his sons needed to grow up with their father. even in these last difficult months him and abbey were determined to create has many family experiences as they could, so although milton isn't physically with us anymore he's still here with his friends and contributions he made t
need to have pushed from the local. right now, there is a bill applying to napa. i'm sorry, marin county. it is the same sort of problem. part of the argument is -- just like i it was a kid coming in, people come in from all over the area to eat in san francisco restaurants. they come from all over the world. again, this governor is going to support everyone locally. i lot of that will have to come from you to accomplish what is right for the city. how do we do that? >> [unintelligible] >> i blame these guys for conditions. this time, i will blame fee on the mall and senator leno. -- fiona ma and senator leno. their limited by statute, but that is very difficult to have much room to maneuver. >> you said to organize local bars. i have been trying to do that for a few years now. we have our sixth annual event coming up in september. we have been trying to get toger a long time. i am not a politician in do not care to be a politician. if i cannot raise the issue in that way, the way i have been doing it, personally i get quoted in esquire for what i have done, but i still have no c
of palo alto, menlo park, and at last check, six homes officials say the napa river. north of napa near st. helena. is currently at 26-and-a-half. that's a- the national weather warning remains in effect on rest of the day today. residents and businesses in the area were advised to monitor river levels receding. the city has closed veterans memorial park, the preserve park and trancas crossing park until further notice. thousands of nurses will nine bay area hospitals. negotiated labor contracts and improvements in patient care protections. such as staffing levels, health officials want to reduce the number of paid sick days for nurses and technicians, while eliminating health care coverage for those who week. the 49ers. fresh off a patriots last week ran in to a three-headed monster in quarterback russell wilson threw four touchdowns, running back marshawn lynch defense kept colin from ever getting going. the seattle seahawks clinched a spot in the nfc wilson's touchdowns put him cal's lynch added 111 yards rushing and a 24-yard td run sherman returned a block interception for the kaepern
and entertaining people in and out of napa airport. it's made up of musicians from the state and they perform at the airport every single christmas. a nice tradition. >>> shopping cart with a baby inside -- a shopping cart with a baby inside rolls down a held heading towards traffic. we will tell you what stopped this cart from being a tragedy. we have details straight ahead and the video to show you. plus, amazing what you can make out of trash. stay with us this morning. holiday display a burger king man-made and the stuff he found inside the dumpster is amazing. we will show you after the break. >>> thanks for joining ounce this monday morning. it's 4:51. news around the nation, a moment of sheer terror for a mother seeing her baby in a shopping cart rolling out of control down a hill right toward a highway. look at this because the whole thing was caught on camera. a wisconsin police officer happened to be driving by when he saw the cart rolling by with a child inside. he sped up to stop traffic on highway and saved the baby. >> i believe i did the same thing any citizen or police officer
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